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Art & Architecture

The art of the Orient is incredibly diverse. Historically, Muslims have shied away from paintings and portraits, as any depiction of the prophet Mohammed is considered to be haram or sacred. Muslim artists have typically sought to express themselves in the fields of calligraphy, sculpture, and architecture. The walls of most mosques are adorned with immaculate calligraphy, and the archeological wonders constructed by the Ottomans still dazzle us today.

Of course, the books within this collection do not focus exclusively on Muslim art, and the great remains of many of the ancient civilizations of the region are explored at length as well. This collection contains several books that were penned by Georges Perrot and Charles Chipiez, a famous archeologist and artist duo that explored and documented the riches of several ancient civilizations. One book of particular note is Fisher's illustrations of Constantinople and its environs. It is filled with incredible drawings and is absolutely stunning. 

The following page showcases a representative sample of the texts that deal with art and architecture:


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Art & Architecture